Venue Verdict Report October 2017

Please find below Group Venue Verdict report for October 2017.

In summary our NPS ( net promoter score) for the Group of 22 Hotels - Both Radisson Blu Brand and Park Inn Brands for October is @ 59.3 and 58.3 for the last 3 months (Aug - Oct).
UK Average for Aug to Oct is at 63.9 so we have some way to go we currently sit at 16th position of 23 Hotel Groups. Although to note some only have a small number of hotels participating.

Well done Radisson Blu Belfast with Year to Date NPS of 85.7 and RD Liverpool close behind with 85.00
In terms of the Customer Journey our key lowest attributes for the last 3 months are :
1/ Meet & Greet
2/ Quality of Food and Beverage
3/ Meeting Room

We are currently scoring much higher on Personal events than Business events, and marginally higher in Non residential vs Residential. Consistently this year events sized 0- 20 score us the lowest at an average YTD of 44 NPS vs 68 NPS for events over 50 pax.

Please can I ask you to review your monthly report and specifically where you are falling down. All General Managers and ROMs have a logon to the website, if you need support on how to view and download your report please ask your Regional Revenue Development Manager.

Click Here for October Venue Verdict Report